Hi!! My name is Tanya, I’m a full-time mum, a wife to an internationally travelling husband, together we run a Christian Ministry. I am really passionate (obsessed!) about food, saving money, organic food, cooking, health and nutrition!

Over many years my passion for cooking has evolved into an understanding of the link to nutrition, food and our health. This led to me learning more about organically sourced produce and how many bad things are put in foods and how much processed food we consume. I then began to make some very drastic lifestyle changes and embarked on a more holistic approach when it comes to nutrition and my health.

On my journey I then became pregnant with my beautiful daughter Zarah (pictured) and as I wanted to give my daughter the best start even during pregnancy I committed to having a healthy pregnancy to eat healthily and I have never looked back since.

I believe organic doesn’t have to be expensive, yet our health is something we really should be investing in. I hope my recipes, ideas, tips and tricks bless you and inspire you. Feel free to get in touch, share your journeys and begin to take your health and well being more seriously.

Tanya Xx