Organic Green Juice Cleanse

Organic Green Juice Detox Cleansing Juice
Green Juice Cleanse

It is really good to give your body a much needed cleanse to rid it of toxins and waste that stores within the body.

Try this Green Juice recipe after a Cup of plain boiled water first thing in the morning and see how your body begins to eradicate waste and toxins.


Cucumber 1/2

1 Apple

Ginger 1cm

Parsley 1/4 cup

Mint 1/4 cup

Spinach 1 cup

2 Celery Sticks

Lemon 1/2

Spring Water 1 cup

Ice (if desired)


Wash all your ingredients, I use organic produce so you want to ensure you are washing all the soil and the dirt. Organic produce helps you to consume less toxic chemicals and fertilisers. You also experience more of the health benefits. It is worth praying extra for organic. I order mine from Abel and Cole (UK).

Throw them into your blender, I use a Nutri bullet with a cup of Spring Water, preferably cold. You can also add ice to make it refreshing and cool.

Blend and drink

Within an hour or 2 you will begin to feel nature calling and your body will begin to eradicate unwanted waste that has been stored within the colon.

I usually have a cup of boiling water after an hour or 2 and keep foods very light and plant based to help the cleanse.

If you wish to do a complete cleanse for the day. I would drink this juice 3 times a day for 24 hours. Eating Apple’s in between help cleanse your stomach.


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