Easy Homemade Lamb Shawarma

Do you fancy a kebab, or a nice wrap? With Easter a few days passed, I had leftover’s from my Organic Leg of Lamb. Read on to see how you can make this mouthwatering meal in seconds!


Leftover Leg of Lamb



Smoked Paprika

Garam Masala powder



Sauces of choice, I use Mayonnaise, Ketchup and Hot Pepper Sauce


Melt a knob of butter or oil in a pan on extremely low heat

Grate garlic and keep the heat low, once sauteed add finely chopped onions and keep low

Add your spices to the onion and garlic

Finely shred or cut your lamb into thin strips/cuts. Then add this to your onions and garlic and pump up the heat to a medium. Once the lamb begins to sizzle, add a drizzle of honey (around a tablespoon), this will help crisp the lamb and seal the flavours.

Once the lamb is cooked and hot – Time to prepare the wrap

Lay your wrap on a plate and drizzle your sauces. Add it sparingly as you do not want to make the wrap soggyIMG_0551.JPG

Then add your meat just right of the middle of the wrap


Then add your choice of salad to garnish, I used Organic Rainbow Chard on one and Organic Alfalfa Sprouts on another – I added a Pickled Gherkin to both

Now time to fold, Grill and Serve!



Enjoy on its own or serve with a warm bed of rice and side salad


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