How to cook the perfect scrambled egg

Organic Scrambled Eggs

Eggs! Everyone loves eggs. If you’ve had the pleasure of me cooking you a breakfast you would love my scrambled eggs.

Pans are key and so is heat.

1.) You need a good quality pan

2.) Low Heat


Organic Free Range Eggs (2 per person)

Olive Oil or Butter


Salt and Pepper (to taste)


On low heat, crack 2 eggs and allow the egg white to slowly decrease in transparency. As the egg begins to go white, gently stir the eggs using a soft spatula (try not to over mix) Then leave for a further 30 seconds by which point the egg would have gained density and are fluffy. By this point give one final stir and there will now be no runny egg visible. Remove from the heat immediately.


Best enjoyed immediately on warm Wholemeal freshly buttered toast. Sprinkle with freshly ground black cracked pepper and garnish with freshly chopped Parsley

Health Benefits

Egg contains protein which are needed for strengthening bones, muscles, cartilage, and blood cells. B2 which are a great source of Energy. B2 boosts your ability for your body to absorb minerals. This is a great meal to start the day and is filling, to keep you fuller for longer, and is low in calories.


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