Benefits of Organic Turmeric

Turmeric. This is a very powerful super food with so many health benefits!

I really encourage my followers to invest in organic, fresh turmeric rather than the powdered versions that are so easily accessible. The reason why I say this is because we don’t actually know where the powder is sourced or how beneficial it actually is. If the Turmeric is not organic it doesn’t carry its full benefits. With added pesticides and chemicals, you can end up doing more harm than good.

Using fresh organic spices, herbs and produce not only are you supporting the Organic Farmers and Businesses but you are also investing in your health and taking a stand against major companies that spoil foods, crops and our agriculture with the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals. Not to mention all the innocent people who have serious health issues as a result of these man made chemicals.

Serious information over. Turmeric contains powerful medicinal properties. Carcumin is the active compound found within Turmeric and is better consumed by the bodies bloodstream when combined with black pepper. So take a note that whenever you have Turmeric to add black pepper with it to get its greatest results.

Turmeric is used Worldwide as a skin lightener/ brightener. It does stain, so I have warned you. It also has great anti-inflammatory compounds to it, which helps if you have aches and pains, Arthiritis or any condition where there is inflammation in the body.

I am a major lover of Turmeric Milk aka. Golden Milk click here to view my recipe. I drink this most nights so my body can absorb its goodness as I sleep. Is great for skin and helps supports you with a good nights rest. Follow the link for more health benefits of Golden Milk.


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