How to cure a cough naturally

Got a cough, tickly throat that has been bothering you. Look to your medicine cupboard no more. Rather than always running to a medicine, have you thought of natural remedies?


Pineapple 2 rounds

Orange 1

Ginger 1 inch

Water 1 cup


Peel the Orange, chop a 1 inch piece of ginger (keep the skin if organic), slice 2 rounds of pineapple (skin removed)

Add to a blender or a juicer. If using a juicer you will not need to add water. If blending, add 1 cup of spring water and blitz – Enjoy


Pineapple juice is just as effective as a cough syrup! Helps soothe the cough and helps rid the mucus that lurks in the throat. Reduces inflammation and is great for your immune system and builds your protection against illnesses. The added Vitamin C from the Orange and the anti inflammatory properties of the ginger make this a beautiful drink as well as being highly nutritious.


Immediately, can add ice to make it a more chilling, refreshing drink and soothes the throat.


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